Ride The Streak

Winner of the UNLV Center for Gaming Innovation Game of the Year

Ride the Streak!

UNLV International Gaming Institute's Center for Gaming Innovation Showcase Winner
Mark Yoseloff and Robert McKee, ICI CGI Winner
"Unbelievably Ingenious"
- Mark Yoseloff, founder of Shufflemaster

Mark Yoseloff, legendary casino game pioneer, had described Ride the Streak as "one of the most ingenious innovative casino innovations he's seen in the past ten years."

8th Street in Downtown Fort Worth Comes Alive
Finally, Streaks are a Thing!
Ride the Streak Makes it all Possible

A whole universe of never-before-possible side-wagers spring to life with the Ride the Streak steak-wagering system.

Dealers Freakin' Love it!
Engineered with Dealers in Mind
"Easy to Learn, Fun to Deal"

"The device tells us everything we need to know: Who to pay and how much, where to put next wagers, which wagers lose, all with no guesswork." - Mark Dunow, veteran 40-year croupier.